“It may seem daft to take such an interest in puddle, but surely thats the sort of thing Art has always done. Animals were differet after the cave artists, trees were different after Van Gogh, Supermarkets were different after Andy Warhol.” Jonathan Milne, Director at TLC

This weeks 2 things challenge is Symmetrical and Abstract. I havn’t done my abstract entry yet ( I do feel a bit of Lomo coming on though!) but the symmetrical theme has been perfectly timed. I have not long read an interesting article called “Art of the Ordinary” by Jonothan Milne, the quote above is a wee peek into the contents of it. Jonothan made a point about how reflections have us ‘looking down to see up’ and I loved the concept! Not that it’s new but that didn’t stop me from making a dash to the nearest body of water I could think of- my local pond!  You can read the article yourself here.  It’s well worth reading.

Wow, this photo is HUGE. Note to self…post smaller photos!