Isn’t this an intense photo? I am usually a flowing lines and curvey shape kinda girl which is evident in my love of eggs, nests, leaves and shells. But I have to say I love this photo! It’s a visual journey to be taken slowly. The strong lines and changing light tones really appeal to me and this is one of my favorite non-nature related photographs!

This is the rail bridge that takes trains from Tauranga to Matapahi and has a footpath for cyclists and pedestrians who arn’t afraid of close passing trains and heights! Personally I loved every minute I spent on the bridge and only went back when I did because the parking meter was about to run out. This bridge gave me awesome views of the harbour and the boats moored in it, wide views of the surrounding coastline (which just happend to be reflecting beautifully in the water.) Not only that there was sea birds (which just in itself was enough to keep me happy) interesting structural angles on the bridge, street art on it’s surfaces and the feeling that I was actually a long way away from the city. I took heaps of photos of the street art which is now on my art blog it’s beautifull and raw (Thanks John, a very apt discription!) and tells a story of it’s own. Please take a look if you have time.

Back to these photos…I took over 60 yesterday! I have grouped them into little mini-series which I will post a few of at a time. I am having a operation on Tuesday the 17th for a hernia repair which will see me house bound for a week or so and unable to take photos of much of interest! Not even the pond!  I expect to be home and hogging the couch on the same day though.  I will post more tomorrow or maybe even later today if time permits.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!