These grand old ladies are at the Tirau Early NZ Museum that I mentioned on my old blog. Today I recieved my copy of the latest magazine in the mail and this is one of 3 photo’s published along side my article in Heritage Matters magazine.

I am desperate to get out and take fresh photos! I am past the ‘watching day time TV’ stage now and for the most part back to my old life…just no heavy lifting, mountain climbing or skiing:) Yes it is ski season here, but no I don’t normally ski! The other morning it was sooooo cold and there was ice on my car. The frost on the roof of the car was 10mm thick in places. I thought I’d get some pics of the frosty fields but by the time I’d dropped kids at school I’d missed the best of if. Frost, like sunsets seem to ‘move’ very quickly. Strong and beackoning one moment and a whispy reminder the next. Still more to come though I am sure! It’s the school holidays now so that means 3 kids at home, not sure where I will get to take pics but watch this space as I am a woman on a mission!