I’m a very happy bird lover these days! Yesterday the seagulls and seahawks posed for my camera and today the ducks and pukeko’s allowed me to take photo’s. This morning while I had my morning cuppa I counted 17 sparrows and finches perched on my fence (all in a row…I’m trying to refrain from using the word cute here…but  they really were!) and as I write this there’s Myna birds are on my lawn defending a piece of apple from the sparrows (who were already well feed on left over home made sultana bread and toast this morning!)

I didn’t take my camera out for my morning coffee and I knew moving to get it would result in the birds dissapearing again but I was prepared at yesterdays beach and park trip and todays picnic at the pond. I have been feeding the pond birds regularly and I am sure they are recognising me and the kids now. They were a lot less shy today than they have been in the past. I wanted and large avery for a while there, part of me still does but in reality I will be happy if the local birds pay me regular visits. I also believe it’s important to encourage and support the local bird community and with three kids there’s never a shortage of crusts!

I personally think this fountain is rather ugly…but as you can see from the photo above the birds enjoy a dip!

The gulls at memorial park are so well fed by visitors they have become quite tame.