It was a warm winters days when I took these photos. This Pohutakawa tree framed the Tauranga Harbour so well that I had to take the photo, the seagull taking off was a bonus addition! My camera added the not so welcome addition of the spots but until I get a new camera I’m at their mercy!

The BBQ’s you can see to the right of this photo are provided free by the local council. The beautiful tree’s are provided free by mother nature:) This is one of the many areas of Memorial Park where visitors can come and relax and children have a lot of room to run around enjoying the sea air, a pleasent break from the rain and cold we’ve had.  There are no nests in these trees, I did look!

I’m going Christmas shopping tomorrow would you believe…the christmas layby sales are on this week and are much better than shopping at Christmas when there will be enough people to make me want to turn around and come home again! Happy week y’all!