Ok, more than 3! But thanks to Bob Marley for the catchy title!

I have been feeding ‘my’ birds for a while now and each day there is more and more of them and they now wait for me. Usually there’s atleast 20 birds, a mix if sparrows and finches and occasionaly Mynar birds. I love watching them, heads down bum up pecking at what ever lovely treats have been thrown out for them. Usually bread and wild bird seed that I bought for them but occasionaly baking and apple cores. I get so much pleasure watching them.  The other day I saw an amazing sight. A hawk (which is unusual in this urban area) was circling over head. What a beautiful bird! All of a sudden one of the grey banded petrals from the pond came out of nowhere and started attacking the hawk. What a ballsy bird! I thought for sure that they hawk would have been the aggressor but this petral kept ‘bombing’ at it and flying in really close. I watched as the hawks circles got bigger and bigger and eventually it dissapeard from sight. Looks like the petral gaurded his turf well and although I am sad the hawk left it’s the law of the jungle as they say. I hope he (the petral) leaves my sparrows alone though!