About half way around “the mount” we decided to stop for a drink and snack. I was focused on taking photos of the beautiful seascape in front of me when I noticed a deep throaty call coming from the trees behind me. I looked up and to my total delight this is what I saw…

Lunch was quickly forgotten! I would have been thrilled with just seeing the birds, but birds in nests?? OMG!! Christmas came early!

These were taken on full zoom so no chance of getting any shots more detailed until I get my new camera . The birds also had the advantage here as I was trying to photograph up into the light, none the  less I was a very happy bird fan just been able to SEE them. Photographs are a bonus! Here’s a shot of some of the shags that I saw drying off on the rocks…

I can’t wait to go back again and get more photos!

Another piece of news that I am very pleased to be able to share is that I now have photos for sale on NZ Photo Sales, a photo stock library based in NZ.

I am going to upgrade to “Gold Status” which will give me my own address and remove the ads, but here’s the set up I have the moment…http://www.photosales.co.nz/view_photog.php?photogid=675

You will no doubt recognise a few of them! I am waiting for my broadband connection to be set up (Tuesday??) so that I can upload more more photos to the site (it’s taken me about 8 hours to get the 12 I have there uploaded!.) Please let me know what you think!