I like fishing, a lazy afternoon spent sitting on rocks or a wharf (preferably in the sunshine) quietly watching the birds and hearing the waves slap againts the rocks edge or wharf’s pilings. What’s not to love?

I don’t know about you but I don’t go fishing to catch fish! It’s the culture of fishing that I love. The freedom, the quiet contemplation. I have many happy memories of fishing with my Dad from boats and off wharfs. As a kid though I was nicely protected from the reality of gutting our catch and other such gory things!

I am fairly sure this sunbathing seal wouldn’t mind having a few fish for his or her lunch though! I was really pleased to have captured this moment, almost as pleased as I was with my bird nest ‘find.’ We are lucky to have such diversity on our ‘doorstep’ and I hope it stays that way for many more generations to come!