Yesterday while walking back to the school to pick my kids up I stopped and took photo’s of these beautiful Tui’s. They are quite big birds and make a lot of noise chasing each other about and flirting madly! There’s so many Tui’s around at the moment and I am very pleased to have gotten some photos.  There’s no way to get a better vantage point for these photo’s as the tree is so tall but I guess the height and the relative saftey it offers is a big part of why there are so many Tui’s! It is certainly not the only Kowhai tree around in full flower right now. I’d never noticed how many Kowhai there actually are in Greerton until this Spring, Greerton is much better known for it’s Cherry trees. There’s an annual cherry blossom festival complete with the Miss Cherry Blossom Beauty Pagent and a Spring themed photo competition. Of course I entered! I am not sure how I placed but I will post a copy of my entry when I do:)

Under the canopy of Pink. Nobody knows how to decorate like Mother Nature!