“From the moment visitors enter Rotorua, they know they are somewhere unique. Steam rises from cracks, gardens, pathways and even residential streets. This, together with the distinctive scent of sulphur, signals to visitors that they are in the centre of an active thermal area. Just minutes from city centre there are geysers, boiling pools of mud, silica terraces, mud fumeroles and volcanoes.” Read more at the official Rotorua website.  This site is great! Loads of information for both real and virtual visitors. 

You can see the jets of hot water bubble up through the mud. It is steam that rises from this water and changes the visual landscape with each breeze of wind. It was hard taking photos at times because my camea simply couldn’t focus on the moving steam! I would love to go back and play with the different functions and manually explore different shutter speeds, Rotorua’s thermal spots could keep me entertained for a long time! The area is not hot (well I imagine the water is…) or hard to breathe in like a steamy room can be. It’s quite relaxing and next time I go it will be just my camera and me. I literally lost sight of my dh and kids at times due to the steam making visabilty hard. It was an awesome experience though and if I lived closer it would fast become a second home to me I think! The type of place you could take a hundred photos (I took over that…lol) and not get 2 the same. I got some beaut shots which I am saving for my new photography business venture (still in it’s baby stages so watch this space!)

Speaking of baby….here’s my not so little baby standing on the walkway. The others didn’t want to hang around while Mum took photos of STEAM!

Below are some of the surreal scenes created by the geothermal activity.

It was an amazing experience and even better is that it was free. Always a good option when its the school holidays and you have kids to entertain. It was also flat and well maintained and well sign posted. Some parts of Rotorua really do smell like sulphar although strangely enough in this area there was hardly a wiff!