Another of Rotorua’s natural attractions are it’s lakes. After visiting some of the thermal sites we got fish and chips and took them to the lake. We were definately not alone but the park is big enough and well laid out so we didn’t feel cramped. The highlight of the lake visit was definately the arrival of a large 2 story paddle boat and the departure of a helicopter from the wharf. Rumour has it that some people actually fish for trout from helicopters. Talk about flash!

The helicopter taking off drew the attention of the tour groups away from the black swans which were posing for the cameras. There are actually signs all over the place saying “Don’t feed the black swans. They may attack” however nobody paid attention to them!

My son watched eagerly too, the many ducks couldn’t have cared less though!

Finally…Lift off!

Relax! As close as it looks the photo below dosn’t really capture a helicopter attempting to fly between the sign posts of this 2 story paddle ferry! This is an illusion created by the angle of the helicopter and me.

The boat just happened to arrive with a boatload of passengers while we were there. Talk about good timing!

Rotorua’s lakes are a huge asset to the area. Not only do they provide revenue for the district they provide a  home to many sea birds and fish. People can picnic on the shores and children can play in the large playground, it’s all at my favorite price too! FREE!! Fresh air, family time and plenty of photo opportunities. What more can a girl want?

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