October 6th – Happy Ist birthday ***Three Hundred and Sixty Five***

Photo taken at Yatton Park, Tauranga.  NZ Native Kowhai Flower and Bee.

To all of you who’ve travelled from your part of the globe to mine please right click this image and add it to your own blog or computer photo album. It’s a little bit of Tauranga, NZ from me to you- it’s my way of saying thank you for your support! You’ve helped keep me motivated and inspired. Taking and posting a photo each day is not as easy as it sounds! I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into and at times I have struggled but here we are -1 year later, wiser and stronger! I hope that by posting it on your blog or in an album that you will see it and rememeber that some one in NZ is greatful for having *met* you. I’ve extended this offer to my art blog friends too because despite it’s recent neglect by me (and an unmentioned 1yr anniversary over there too..) you havn’t forgotten me! You kept the faith for me when at times I didn’t have much left! Thank you faithful bloggers!

If you have any trouble taking your copy please email me at kowhaiflower@hotmail.com and I will gladly email you a free copy! (I will even remember to check my emails!!)

This blog started off as a random photo a day blog and has evolved rapidly. The first ever photo posted on this blog can be seen here- Found Frame  and it will probably come as no surprise that it’s a photo from my beloved pond! This blogs original name was **Three Hundred and Sixty Five*** which reflected my personal goal of posting 365 photos. That goal was far exceeded though by the time I transferred my blog from blogger to wordpress on June 8th there were 325 posts and many of those had more than one photo! “Back then” the blog was a mixed bag of local photos, challenge entries and family photos and my faithful viewers have been there for them all! Today I have blogs for each subject and if I may so myself the whole package is much more refined! As for comments… comments are like getting a pat on the back! A big thumbs up, a little bit of encouragement from the blogging community and that helps put ‘gas in the tank’. However comments don’t indicate the number of visitors that have ‘been and seen’. You guys and girls know who you are and  I thank you too!

I’ve been trying to get this new look blog up and running properly on time for today…I’ve reformatted, the link lists been reviewed and restricted to just photography related blogs (I hope I have everyone) new pages have also been added. As of today this blog is no longer ****Three Hundred and Sixty Five*** it is “Tauranga Daily Photo” and I can’t wait to see where the next year will take my and my camera!

Blessings, Lisa

PS: While surfing for some more info on Yatton Park I found this site which I encourage you to visit. They offer a virtual tour of Yatton Park, just click on the arrows found on the map.

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