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Mount Maunganui from the Matapahi bridge.

The above photo was taken on a quick walk across the Matapahi Bridge this morning. We had an hour to fill in and I knew just the place to do it!

 I recently posted some pictures of dragonflies ‘caught in the act’ on my blog and I stated that I didn’t know which was which and invited readers to enlighten me! WELL…as it turns out I didn’t correctly identify the insect in the first place. Both John (typos.daylight.fate) and another blogger have pointed out that my dragonflies were actually damselflies. So realising that I knew even less than I thought I visited the fish and frog – turtle and blog and quickly realised that this mystery blogger (bakerwilson) knew a thing or 2 about damselflies and dragonflies. A quick google search also found this list of differences between the two. Thanks to the both of you for putting me right!