Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

This friendly Santa waits outside his house for the kids who’ve come to enjoy the lights. We were here a few years back when he stepped out his front door and boy were the kids surprised! It really made there night and I think Santa enjoys himself too. 

There’s been a noticeable drop in the amount of houses all decked out for the lights trail this year. Either people are saving money by not displaying thousands of twinkling lights or they’re not investing in new lights.  In previous years the kids were almost guaranteed to come home with a good stash of lollies too. Not now. Another noticeable effect of the credit crunch is the lack of cars driving around the streets looking at lights. Often I’ve been in a trail of cars or have had to park and walk. Even the CBD didn’t put up there huge light displays this year…lots of people have complained about that but from a business point of view they are just an expenditure and collectively they decided that less is well…just less this year. Inadvertently though the environment does stand to benefit from the reduced energy use and carbon emissions….that has to be a silver lining in of sorts in these harder times. Hopefully the harder times will also result in people realising that it’s not the lights, the sweet treats or even the presents that make Christmas, Christmas. It’s the people we love, our family and friends that make it special. Awwwwww…..

Buon Nutale!  Miri Kirihimete! Merry Christmas!

PS: Don’t pull the beard, Santa himself assured me this one is real:)