Our advent calendar is full, the baking is done and the Pavlova’s cooling in the oven as I type. I can almost hear those sleigh bells and the jolly HO! HO! HO! of  Saint Nic as his arrival in NZ fast approaches….I kid you not when I say that my children are now counting in ‘hours’ till Christmas instead of days or sleeps! That is  half the joy though isn’t it? Sleepless anticipation of the following morning when you finally get to see what is in the mysterious parcels under the tree, hopeful expectations that Santa thinks you’ve been good enough and the delicious thoughts of all the yummy food that will be scoffed the next day. MMmmmm! 

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

This is our home-made ‘Advent’ calendar. Each day the kids took a little envelope out of the ‘Christmas’ tin and in it was a card (made by them) and a note from me. The note gave them an activity to do that day that reflected the real spirit of Christmas for example ” do something kind for your sister”  or if they were lucky they pulled out one that said that they could help make a pudding or some other treat. Simple as it is the kids looked forward to their turn on the calendar!  Now that it is so close I admit that even I am getting a little excited. I can’t wait to see the JOY on their faces when they see what they’ve been given and I’m looking forward to sitting down with family to enjoy a great meal (well..two actually!) and I am truly greatful that no grinches have stolen Christmas! I feel truly blessed and hope that where ever it is you and yours are that your Christmas will be wonderful!