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The slow sinking sun casts the shadow of another wild daisy onto this one.

It’s that time of year again when most of us reflect on the year that was. The good, the bad and everything in between.  I remember being here at the end of 07 and I was desperately hoping that 08 would be a vast improvement on 07! I’m pleased to say it has been and I sincerely hope it has been for you all too.

With all the photos that have recorded this year it is hard to pick a singular ‘photo of the year.’  There’s been many spring blossoms and autumn leaves recorded on this blog and I can’t choose between them. There’s been sunsets and trees and even wasps and bees.  I will never forget the absolute joy I felt when I got the photos of the baby birds in the nest, so how do I chose just one?

I did it by going with the very first photo I thought of when I thought “photo of the year.” This black and white image of a daisy was posted on my art blog at the end of November and it is the first image that came to mind. I love it because it captured the shadow of another flower being cast onto the upturned face of this one. It’s simple and pure and sometimes that is just what is required.

I’ve also enjoyed many photos from the growing list of countries I have been to via daily bloggers! I’ve even met a fellow blogger  (Hi John.UK!) and it’s hard to imagine the 09 without blogging. It’s at the risk of getting all mushy that I wish you all a very happy year ahead! May you look back on 08 with out regrets and foward to 09 with hope.

Many blessing to you and yours!! Kia Kaha and Go well!


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