Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008Thanks to everyone who’s dropped in to wish me and mine a Merry Christmas! We had a great christmas with B&E and Crumpet toast for breakyat my sisters , followed by a mouth-watering roast lunch eaten in under trees at our close friend(s)  house. The sun shone as you can see!! It did rain on Christmas eve and Christmas morning was chilly (for summer, we’re not talking WHITE Christmas here! lol) but when it passed we basked in glorious sun!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Christmas day was followed by a lazy boxing day and then my son’s 9th birthday! On the 28th we decided we should really get out and about instead of lazing around home (tempting as that was!) so we went to the beach at low tide to walk on the ‘mud’ flats and look in the pools of water left behind by the outgoing sea. It was mostly sea lettuce and small crabs but we all came home happy and sandy so that was an afternoon well spent! 

(This is the same stretch of sand that I photographed the Pohutakawa’s on, although it looks much different now.)

Thanks again for all the christmas joy that was spread by you all over here to me in NZ. I hope your christmas was awesome too!