Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009Well Earth hour has been and gone around the globe and I hope that the intended results were achieved!It was about raising an awareness of our impact on this fine earth of ours and hopefully it got people thinking about what they could do beyond that 1 hour. I also hope that the symbolic turning off of lights on the nations architectural icon’s weren’t merely political stunts. I guess time will tell.  My husband came home from work just after 9pm and the outside sensor light came on much to my annoyance! I had completely over looked that light and the one that comes on automatically when the garage door opens.  DH was a little amused to come home to find me sitting in darkness but I was far from the only one as I  heared on the news last night that the over all power use dropped around NZ by 3.5 % so while it sounds a little measly to me it’s certainly better than nothing! 

Here’s a link to a quick run down about what was done around the world for Earth Hour.