This wonderful Kereru (NZ native wood pigeon) was quite happy for me to take it’s photo. I got 3 or 4 of it while it was perched here despite the fact that I had a group of 6 noisy school kids nearby. I was thrilled to spot it and even more thrilled to get photos.  When it flew off it actually flew so close to me that I felt the breeze from it’s wings at the top of my head! What a buzz for a bird fanatic like me! I took this in a walk through aviary at Hamilton Zoo and although we had to rush in this trip I will be doing a very slow walk through when we go back as a family. I saw a Weka in another part of the Zoo (although it was not as photogenic!) and I’d never seen a Weka before (except for on the Tv) so I was doubly happy!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

I did a quick google search on Kereru before this post and I found this great site which I hope you will check out. It has several short Kereru videos including one so drunk on fermented berries it actually falls out of the tree! There’s a longer video on the home page that shows some of the stunning forest’s that Kereru and many other native birds live in if you feel like a bit of “bush walking!” I also found this video clip on YouTube of a Weka going about it’s daily business. The Weka looks like it’s a cross between out native Kiwi and Pukeko’s. In the background you can also hear the call of a Morepork.