Yes it’s nearly that time of year again! This years theme is CLIMATE CHANGE and even though it’s only just been announced there has already been over 350 bloggers register their blogs. This is already big and it’s going to get bigger. The big day is OCTOBER 15 and all you have to do is:
1) register your blog here and 2) post to your blog a post that is relevant to this years theme. It’s that easy:)


Let’s show the world how much NZ cares about climate change! If you are posting in support of this years BAD event and are in NZ then please also take part in a digital collage series on the BIG DAY. Just email me a low resolution copy of your photo by OCTOBER 12 and a link to your photo blog so we can the  get the word out and make a difference! Email your LOW RES image and a link to  if you’d like to be included in the collage.

PS: Spread the word! BAD is GOOD!