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  Climate Change is the theme of this year and by now I am sure there arn’t many people over the age of 5 who arn’t atleast familiar with these words. But what is it? Is it it something that will happen in the future if we don’t act now? Or is it something that’s just another political football? In a sense the answer to both is YES. Climate change will happen in the future, Climate Change policies  do win and loose votes for their respective parties and governments haggle over what to do with this issue…but climate change has already happened and is still happening  this is an issue that needs urgent attention. Most of us are lucky enough to only be affected by some strange weather patterns but in some areas of the globe climate change is causing extreme weather patterns, drought, fires, floods…it results in loss of land in coastal areas, loss of ice from the glaciers, this list is already to long and it only gets longer. Viewing this clip on the CARE website helped me to realise that there really are devastating consequnces of climate change. People are loosing their incomes, their heritage, their lives…please also follow this link to the CARE blog to see how you can help. We are not powerless, people are no longer ingnorant of the cause and result of climate change and therefore we no long have any excuse for not doing  anything. The time to act is NOW and everyday we have on this precious earth.