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This weeks 2 things challenge is cause/effect. The cause and effect here is pretty obvious I think although I love the continuing cycle that nature sets up…the tree flowers and drops the petals, the petals decompose and feed the tree. Natural cause and effect!

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Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009Speaks for itsef really! Please check out the other entries at the Thursday Challenge site.

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This weeks theme is “Unusual” which is pretty open to interpretation! What is unusal to one person, culture or country may well be quite ‘usual’ to another! I picked this photo because of the unusual bud on the end of the stem. I am not sure what the tree is but I think this is a flower bud..stuck right on the end like a decoration on a christmas tree! You can check out all the other “unusual” entries here at the Lensday site or even enter your own.

I have also been busy updating my Red Bubble listings and my bubblesite please take a nosey over that way and check it out! Red Bubble is a free resource for Photographers and Graphic Artists so if your not already a member I suggest you check it out and sign up! It really is something great for free. What’s not to like about that?

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Yesterday we went on s school trip to Hamilton Zoo. It was a great trip and while there I took as many photos as I could…ofcourse! This handsome young fellow is a Kune Kune pig (which I believe means ‘fat and round’ in Maori) and I had to post him today with my 2 things challenge entry because he is just 2 cute!

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The 2 things challenge entry theme this week is Yellow/Brick. All mediums are welcome!

I took this the other day and have just uploaded it from my camera…so this is a very kast minute post for this theme! You can check out the other entries for “New Life” on the Moody Monday Website. These buds are from an Oak tree anticipating the start of Spring.

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Lensday’s theme is ORANGE and it just so happens I recently took a photo of this moss on a rock at the Mount Beach. I was drawn to the explosive ‘orangeness’ of it againts the much paler shades around it.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

Please drop by the Lensday blog and see the other entries.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009This slightly odd compostition is due to the fact that this photo was taken out of the car window on our way to a family avo at Anzac Bay. The mountain range in the background are the Kaimai’s.  Last winter there was snow on the ranges for the 2nd time in about 20 years…I wonder what this winter will bring? Autumn  is  first ofcourse!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

Another view from my car window although a little more obvious this time! I can’t remember what the bike was but he wasn’t in any rush, seems we weren’t the only ones enjoying the great weather!

This weeks theme for the 2 things challenge is window/view.  Everyone is welcome to join in!

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