Yesterday we went on s school trip to Hamilton Zoo. It was a great trip and while there I took as many photos as I could…ofcourse! This handsome young fellow is a Kune Kune pig (which I believe means ‘fat and round’ in Maori) and I had to post him today with my 2 things challenge entry because he is just 2 cute!

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The 2 things challenge entry theme this week is Yellow/Brick. All mediums are welcome!

I decided to include this small map to give you all an indication of where Rotorua is in relation to Tauranga. The blue indicates the lake area and the pink indicates the Bay of Plenty which is the region in which both Rotorua and Tauranga belong too. It’s not comprehensive (for example there’s no mention of Mount Maunganui) but it’s better than no map at all! You can also view it in a larger image by clicking on it.  So…on with the post! This is the last Rotorua post and I’ll be back to showing  areas a bit closer to home from now.

Behind the Rotorua Memorial Park playground there was a carnival set up and this ferris wheel caught my attention. I love the contrast of both the colours and structure againts the sky and took atleast 6 other photos similar to this!

You can’t tell from this photo but just shortly after I took it the rain came! 3 kids in tow we decided it was going to be easier to make a run for it to the car than to wait it out so we left before I got any more photos of the carnival. This photo above is also my 2 things challenge entry for Solid/Pattern, you can see it here in large format. If you’d like to learn more about  Rotorua please read my other posts- Rotorua lakes and Rotorua Geothermal.



Even sooner….this blogs first birthday! That’s tomorrow!!! Wow, watch this space!

Here’s my entry for the 2 things challenge,  it feels like forever since I last entered! That is not a reflection on the group at all rather a reflection of an photographer who lost her mojo! Do the Pohutakawa trees tower OVER the bach, or does the bach shelter UNDER the trees?

Some say theres not that is more “kiwi” than the iconic Kiwi bach other than the kiwi itself! Many generations of one family enjoy holidays at the beach in the old family bach (said batch…good old english language for you!) picnicing on the beach and enjoying the water. A bach providing a simple dwelling to retreat to at the end of a long and enjoyable day. Board games on the deck, eating from plastic plates. Rest and recreation, that is the life!

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Any one welcome, any style and media. Come and join the group and have some fun!