Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009This board walk and the view of the apartment buildings signal either the end or the start of the walk! The track, being a loop track can be walked in either direction.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009


These were taken from the wharf at the Strand in Tauranga. Just a few hundred meters down the road and across are the bars and resturants of the city… the wharf is a great fishing spot and people like to jump off it to swim as well. I was there for fishing not jumping:) We were catching and releasing with a bait catcher and bread, the haul included 2 shrimp, 4 yellow spotties and 4 brown fish as yet unidentified! These birds now it’s a good spot to score a free feed too!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

Boat photos to come…

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009Summer turned on another scorcher of a day…but it didn’t keep the crowds away! Tay St reserve at Mount Maunganui. The crowds came because the Billabong Surf Champs were on as well as “nick takes over the beach’ a Nikeloedeon event. Spong Bob, Patrick and Dora were all in attendence and ther ewere heaps of activities for the kids to join in with.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

Run!! It’s a sharrrrk!!! The giant inflateable shark slide was a big hit with young kids and teens. Good on ya Billabong!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009Billabong surf champs at the Mount Beach. Only those brave enough to withstand the heat of the sand sat there, most people found somewhere on the very dry grass to picnic and watch!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008Thanks to everyone who’s dropped in to wish me and mine a Merry Christmas! We had a great christmas with B&E and Crumpet toast for breakyat my sisters , followed by a mouth-watering roast lunch eaten in under trees at our close friend(s)  house. The sun shone as you can see!! It did rain on Christmas eve and Christmas morning was chilly (for summer, we’re not talking WHITE Christmas here! lol) but when it passed we basked in glorious sun!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Christmas day was followed by a lazy boxing day and then my son’s 9th birthday! On the 28th we decided we should really get out and about instead of lazing around home (tempting as that was!) so we went to the beach at low tide to walk on the ‘mud’ flats and look in the pools of water left behind by the outgoing sea. It was mostly sea lettuce and small crabs but we all came home happy and sandy so that was an afternoon well spent! 

(This is the same stretch of sand that I photographed the Pohutakawa’s on, although it looks much different now.)

Thanks again for all the christmas joy that was spread by you all over here to me in NZ. I hope your christmas was awesome too!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

I took these photo’s on my Pohutakawa walk along the beach at Memorial Park.

I’m not sure what the fuzzy, brown moss is growing on the rocks but I can atleast identify the shells as being mussels and the green seaweed as being sea-lettuce. I found a few jelly-fish too.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

It was quite amazing walking under the trees, my feet making squishy footprints and the birds flitting about above me. It was very peaceful and serene, almost like another world far away from the city!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

As I mentioned in yesterdays post the summer school holidays have just started and the kids are now home until Feb 04 09!  As  a kid I remember lovely days at the beach, hours playing in the water and climbing Pohutakawa trees and picnics! Hopefully we will be doing a lot of that these holidays too!

Off to try and catch up on what you have all been up too, my visits have been very sporadic of late and that’s not about to improve with only 5 sleeps left till CHRISTMAS!!! I’ll do my best though:)

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Well the first christmas card of the season has arrived in my mail box….and it is from my local postie courtesy of NZ POST!

This card is actually great. First of all check out that very NZ artwork.  A santa hat and jandal wearing sheep with a bucket and spade! It was painted by a 10 year old as part of a “Design a Christmas Stamp’ competition for children and this was obviously a winning design.

The second reason I like this card is not only is it made from ‘55% recycled fibre’ with the balance coming from a ethical and environmentally responsible source it also says on the back “please be kind to the environment- recycle or reuse this card.”

So- GO NZ POST!! I am proud that they are promoting art and environmental awarness to each home in NZ. The purpose of this card is not just to wish us a Merry Christmas. It’s actually almost disguised junk mail! The back of the card has a guide to international mailing dates, the inside of the card has a promo for the NZ post Prezzie Card and a reminder to have mail put on hold over the holidays if you’ve got plans to go away for an extended period. 10 points I say to who ever NZ post has employed as a marketing manager- this is clever and its a wonderful piece of the NZ postal service!

These are the last of my current collection of ‘Mount’ photos. Thanks to my new broadband connection I can even load them regular size! (Yes, John I missed that too!)

Apparentlly the corridoor of water between the rocky island and the piece of land I was standing on is called ‘Shark Alley’. I will heed that as a warning not to swim there!