Ok, more than 3! But thanks to Bob Marley for the catchy title!

I have been feeding ‘my’ birds for a while now and each day there is more and more of them and they now wait for me. Usually there’s atleast 20 birds, a mix if sparrows and finches and occasionaly Mynar birds. I love watching them, heads down bum up pecking at what ever lovely treats have been thrown out for them. Usually bread and wild bird seed that I bought for them but occasionaly baking and apple cores. I get so much pleasure watching them.  The other day I saw an amazing sight. A hawk (which is unusual in this urban area) was circling over head. What a beautiful bird! All of a sudden one of the grey banded petrals from the pond came out of nowhere and started attacking the hawk. What a ballsy bird! I thought for sure that they hawk would have been the aggressor but this petral kept ‘bombing’ at it and flying in really close. I watched as the hawks circles got bigger and bigger and eventually it dissapeard from sight. Looks like the petral gaurded his turf well and although I am sad the hawk left it’s the law of the jungle as they say. I hope he (the petral) leaves my sparrows alone though!

Here’s some more shots taken from the Matapahi Bridge. I loved the strong bold lines and the way they provided little windows of the world. My favorite image is the bottom right photo that shows the underside of the bridge.  The glass like water contrasts beautifullly with the strong pillars and steel structures. Man and nature meeting it seems without either damaging the other.


To see these photos at full size (albeit low resolution) just click the image:)



These are the 3 size options for photos. Full Size, Medium and thumbnail. To be honest I think blogger has the upper hand when it comes to this feature (when it works atleast!) I think full size is actually the best option although it is bigger than I would like and being such a low resolution photo I’m not so sure it’s been shown at it’s best. BUT it is a free blog, like blogger so I guess  that removes my right to complain too loudly! You can also click on the smaller photo’s to see them full size.

I couldn’t resist having a bit of a play with the ‘black and white focal point’ button on picassa’s programme. I used the same function a while ago for the wasp photo which was, quite frankly, just a tad scarey!