The Tauranga Art Gallery is usually what brings me into the city centre. I’ve seen some great photo exhibitions as well as work by artists of many different styles- Jim Cooper and Colin McCahon being 2 of my favorite NZ artsists to have had work here. There’s been international artists too though!

When I was there yesterday I was struck by the contrast of the multimillion dollar building and the carpark just up the road.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

I actually like the character of the old buildings at the back of the carpark better than the modern lines of the art gallery. That said I definately enjoy what I’ve seen on the inside!

One of the many towers and apartment blocks in the city centre. I do venture into the CBD on occasion!



In the city centre, in the same area as the big sculpture shown on day 5 are quite a few of these big mosaics. Each one measures approx 2.5m x 2.5m. They are part of the footpath and no one makes any attempt to walk around them. These are just a selection of them but one day I intend on doing a mosaic walk and photographing all of the mosaics.

The first is in the style of Maori Tribal designs, although it’s not strictly traditional.

The 2nd is a brightly coloured abstract and I’m not sure of it’s relevance to the area. Perhaps the sun over the ocean and boats coming to shore?

The 3rd is most definately a Maori design. Black, red and white are traditionally associated with the maori culture and this geometric pattern has been repeated in many weavings.

The 4th mosaic depicts Mount Maunganui, a koru (fern frond uncurling, life) and the ocean which surrounds our area.

You can see a 5th mosaic at my photo challenge blog if you wish.

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This lovely sculpture/water feature is at the ‘business’ end of the city centre where all the banks and investment brokers are within walking distance of the travel agents and library.

I didn’t know the man in the red shirt who appears in these photos, he originally came and sat on the sculpture but thought better of it when I appeared camera in hand. Click on the thumbnails to make them larger if you would like to see them in better detail.

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