The light was just starting to fade when I was at ‘my’ pond taking photos while the kids rode their bikes and admired the ducks and ducklings with me. The wild daisies are so lush and beautiful this time of year.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield

I wasn’t very pleased to notice the fly that snuck into my photo once I got home! Che sera sera as my Dad would say!

I got the most wonderful surprise when I went to the pond last night! I was busy photographing the masses of wild daisies grouped around the waters edge (I don’t remember them being there last year) when my son alerted me to this mother duck and her 7 babies! I’m sure these are late ducklings, it’s very nearly December and I haven’t heared of Christmas Ducks before…however I was/am just so thrilled to see them. The last lot of ducklings disappeared even after their rescue from the drain.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Father duck came over too.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

The debris that appears to be on the surface is actually a plant growing below the water. The bread we threw out seemed to gather here and while I was watching a piece of it disappeared before my eyes….I looked for a while and soon saw an eel sneakily rise up to the surface and help itself to the bread. I’m glad it left the ducklings alone!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

The lily pads provide good camoflage for the ducks and ducklings. There’s atleast 2 ducks in this photo. The other side of the pond is where the Pukeko’s live and they too have chicks there now. You can see a black bundle of fluff if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it. (Its midway down on the right hand side of the photo and nearly out of the shot…but it’s there!)

There are definitely Dragonfly’s there now too…big fat ones (and no they’re not damsels!) so I will be going back tomorrow when the kids are at school!

Low res again, sorry! I don’t want to spoil my chances of selling these ones on NZ Photo Sales!

I love Kowhai flowers. Kohwai means yellow in Maori although Kowhai flower sounds a lot better than Yellow flower! Kowhai’s are native to NZ which in my mind makes them instantly loveable, double that with the fact that they are the favorite of a native NZ bird, the Tui, and triple it with the fact that I have a daughter named Tui and well… get the idea. I love Kowhai flowers and Kowhai trees. This is the time of year (Spring here atlast!!) when I get to indulge in a big way. Just check out this branch (Below) that is so blessed with flowers itm looks as though it could snap at any moment….

These trees are even at my beloved pond! How spoilt can a girl get?

Speaking of the pond. DH was there the other day with Master 8 and he came back and told me to grab my camera and head down. He said there were DUCKLINGS!!!!! at the pond and they were STUCK in the storm water drain:(  I had just been there the day before looking for sign of any ducklings but there weren’t any. So…anyway I grabbed my camera and some bread and raced down. I couldn’t take a half way decent pic though:( down a drain and all! Long and cold story cut short I ended up calling the council and asking them to rescue them. I put on my gumboots and waded in a little so I could feed the ducklings (there were 7) and I waited for the rescue team to arrive. Unfortunately I missed the actual rescue as the contractors didn’t come till after dark and I had to go home but the council assures me that the men tied a gumboot to a broom handle and scooped the poor babies out! lol. What a photo that would have been!!

 I bet mother duck was pleased to get her babies back safely  (and I mean the real mother duck!) I already gave my family a giggle when I referred to them as “my” ducklings!