This lifestyle block Just off the main state highway. The yellow flowers are dandelions.

I have always thought of Spring as being a very green season.  All though the yellow dandelions, pink cherry blossoms, yellow kowhai, orange flax and pink lilies put that misconception of mine to rest! Purple Wisteria, Bright Rhodohendrens and the Copper Beech trees are also challenging my previous belief that spring is the season of green!

Flax flowers, not quite open.

NZ Native Flax (Harakeke.) 

I have no idea what would have made these tear shaped holes in this leaf. Flax is a tough, fiberous plant and not easy to put a hole through. It’s so tough that in early settler days it used to be farmed in certain swampy parts of NZ where it was than milled to be used for rope making. The photo below shows the ‘sheath’ that protects the flower as it forms. It’s a purple/grey coulour which turns brown when it dries off and reveals the hidden treasure it’s been protecting inside.

Click on any image to see it larger than it appears here- around 4 times bigger!

Down at the pond with the kids I noticed the commotion caused by a pair of NZ dotterels who for some reason have taken exception to the Pukeko’s. Normally both the Dotterels and Pukekos happilu co-exsist however NZ Dotterels breed from August through to Janurary and most likely have either eggs or young to be protective of. I don’t know what the Pukeko had done but it was definately being told off! You can see both birds in this pic although the lily pads make suprisingly good camoflage!

The lush green foliage at the front right of this photograph is Native Flax, or Harakeke as it is know in Maori. I took a few macro shots of it while there, one of which is at my shutterchance blog if you wish to take a look!