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Yesterday was Orientation Day at Tauranga Intermediate for next years in take of year 7 students. I can hardly believe that my eldest will be at intermediate next year so it was all a little surreal. It really does seem like yesterday that I was sniffling back the tears on her first day of school!

The intermediate has a role of 1200 (up 900 on her current school!) and is where most of the kids from Tauranga go to for there year 7 and 8 schooling. The school (aside from the share size of it) seemed nice and my daughter’s optimistic about the year ahead.  The row of flags here represents some of the diverse cultures at the school. In addition to meeting the teachers and having a tour of the school we heard the schools Rock Band and Brass Band play, heard songs by solo singers (who chose songs from Tina Turner, The Beatles and Nirvana!) and we saw the schools Kapa Haka (Maori Culture Group) and Pacific Islands Group perfom. There were also dances (classical solo and hip hop group) and wearable arts and young designers fashion parade……wheeeew! Well done to the school for such an interesting and warm welcome!

This wheelchair modified trike drew a crowd of interested bike riders, wheelchair users and photographers:)

See more about the trike, the conquest tour and the awesome welcoming ceremony on the post below (Kapa Haka. Tauranga DP #21)

My eldest daughter (below) enjoyed talking to some of the other people there as much as she did seeing the bikes!

This trike wasn’t modified- I just like  it:)

The Greerton Village Primary School Kapahaka Group performing at the the welcome ceremony for the “Catwalk Conquest Tour” an organisation raising funds and awarness for people with spinal injuries. I will be posting more on that tomorrow including some cool pics of the wheelchair modified trike.

The cultural perfomance recieved a good response from the crowd as well as the organisers. It’s quite a moving experience and ofcourse, unique to New Zealand.

Its election time and this politician wasn’t about to miss great photo opportunity! He’s a National Party MP not a Green but I won’t hold it againts him:)