Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Well the first christmas card of the season has arrived in my mail box….and it is from my local postie courtesy of NZ POST!

This card is actually great. First of all check out that very NZ artwork.  A santa hat and jandal wearing sheep with a bucket and spade! It was painted by a 10 year old as part of a “Design a Christmas Stamp’ competition for children and this was obviously a winning design.

The second reason I like this card is not only is it made from ‘55% recycled fibre’ with the balance coming from a ethical and environmentally responsible source it also says on the back “please be kind to the environment- recycle or reuse this card.”

So- GO NZ POST!! I am proud that they are promoting art and environmental awarness to each home in NZ. The purpose of this card is not just to wish us a Merry Christmas. It’s actually almost disguised junk mail! The back of the card has a guide to international mailing dates, the inside of the card has a promo for the NZ post Prezzie Card and a reminder to have mail put on hold over the holidays if you’ve got plans to go away for an extended period. 10 points I say to who ever NZ post has employed as a marketing manager- this is clever and its a wonderful piece of the NZ postal service!