Those of you who have visited my blog before will know that I am very happy with this shot! It is super cropped from a big/high resolution photo but I am still happy!

I took this at Yatton park, home of the many Autumn trees I posted in Autumn (who would have guessed! lol.) It is equally wonderful in spring. Rhodohendren’s and Magnolia’s are in full bloom and the birds are out of their winter hideaways. I had a fantastic time walking around under huge trees and soaking up the sounds of bird song and bird activity. Tui’s are plentiful now, a pair of them flirted with each other so close to me that I heard their wings flutter and I felt privleged to be able to witness there activity.  Fantail’s which are known for their friendly nature ‘chip-chiped’ from trees seemingly oblivious to me. If I was quiet enough I could even hear the blackbirds scratch about in the leaf litter. Time ran out on me and I was more than eluctant to return to my car. I didn’t get a good photo of the Tui’s (too fast for this shutterbug!) but with patience I am sure I would have gotten the photo I wanted. I will return!! The experience of being out in that environement has both calmed and charmed me! The other reason for my blissful state of mind is that I FINALLY have my new camera! Wahhhhoooo! No more spots for me! I am still getting used to it but I am a quick learner so watch this space!!