The view at the end of my road over looks this golf course. It looks so lush at this time of year! Admittedly though while I may have stopped to take photos if this view I ended up with 2 photos of the view and about 20 of the wild fennel that were growing atound me! A few of thos pics will be posted tomorrow:)

NZ Native Ponga Tree (Tree Fern.) The large unfurling frond in known as a “Koru”. The frond “unwinds” itself revealing smaller rolled up stems which grow the leaves. Each frond and strem opens until it has become one of the large fern branches you can see in the canopy and shooting out all around the frond. An amazing feat of nature that goes on silently each day. You can see a close up of a single Koru below. When the fronds die off they fall down back onto the tree’s trunk and hang there unril either narture or garvity drops them to the ground below, where they will eventually return to the earth they came from.

Even in the city I have no trouble finding green spaces to hide away in.  Tauranga isn’t a bad city to live in, it’s just that I am a country kinda girl at heart and just because I live in a city dosn’t mean I have to be at the heart of it, admist the traffic and commericalisim. I count myself fortunate that I live close enough to be able to enjoy the positive aspects of living in a city, yet close enough to find areas where I can be alone in the bush taking photos and enjoying the birds.

INTERNATIONAL BLOG ACTION DAY FOLLOW UP: Yesterday saw a record number of visitors drop by my blog, my thanks to all that visited! Some of the visits here were directed by links from other CPD bloggers, 1 was Greenville Daily Photo which looks at education being a key tool in helping fight poverty  and also has a thought provoking post on homelessness entitled “those amongst us.” Please go and check both posts out! I posted to a simialr theme here so if you missed it please take a look! A lovely London DP blogger  posted a link to my blog on there post about being non-judgemental of those that are living in poverty.  (Just follow the link to read the post!) On the International Blog Action Day I came accross this post by a digital photography school- 17 photos of poverty. and I reccomend you book mark this site and pay it a visit.  Very thought provoking photography!