This was one of those photo’s that would be easy to think hadn’t turned out. Nothing is clear, the colours arn’t vibrant…but when I look at this I see a photo that did turn out. I love the movement and the reflections of the pukeko’s. I love the mood it has. I see a photo that’s a piece of art not just a record of events and I’m glad I fluked it in this way!


Hi all, I am back home…and hogging the couch as predicted. I did come home the same day but sitting upright at the computer is a wee bit taxing at the moment! Thankyou all for your warmth and well wishes. It is very much appreciated and  I hope to visit soon!


It’s hard to believe that the 2 sides of the bridge can look so different given a different vantage point ( I was standing on the bridge for the top photo) and a different cloud pattern which affected the light levels and reflection on the water.

Seconds after taking the top photo I heard a familiar sounding rumble…..TRAIN COMING! I was stoked although I wasn’t stupid enough to get any closer than this (at 3x zoom.)  I was further away than it looks b and there was quite a bit of room between the footpath and train tracks. It really did rumble and shake the bridge. Good thing I am not afraid of heights that move!

I like this shot, it’s almost surreal with no symmetrical balance to give it perspective. You can’t tell by looking at this shot but it was actually freezing cold standing there on the hill in the wind. The water itself was relaitvely unaffected by the breeze being so low down. I really like the looking down to look up concept, it’s a bit like looking ahead into the mirror in the car to see what’s behind you. I’m easily amused and simply pleased arn’t I?  Who said women were complicated? lol