These are the last of my current collection of ‘Mount’ photos. Thanks to my new broadband connection I can even load them regular size! (Yes, John I missed that too!)

Apparentlly the corridoor of water between the rocky island and the piece of land I was standing on is called ‘Shark Alley’. I will heed that as a warning not to swim there!

Maketu beach is not far from Te Puke and still in the Bay of Plenty. About a 45 minute trip from here although quicker on the bike!

The red roof that you can see in the background if you have good eyes is actually a Marae (Maori meeting house and a very importnant part of Maori culture.) You can see a big Norfollk Pine too. This species of tree was introduced to NZ by the early Brittish settlers and were quite often planted on the coast line and used as navigational aides. I’m not sure if this particular tree has historical significances but you can see why they were used! 


I was quite suprised to find this Baracuda washed up on the beach. I would say it hadn’t been there long because 1) it was still there and the birds hadn’t made a meal of it! and 2) because it didn’t smell! I even picked it up for a closer look as I had never seen one before. No I didn’t bring it home! I did bring some shells home though. I was suprised at how many intact shells were on the beach given how many rocks there are.

There were hundreds of these curly shells on the beach. I found this lovely ‘still life’ just like this. The big shell is a horse mussel. I don’t usualy see them intact either as the shell is suprisingly thin. I have baskets of these twirly shells (don’t know there name though!) so didn’t bring any home. Actually I didn’t bring any home because I didn’t know I was going to the beach today. The joys of riding pillion, my husband knows where we are going and I just hang on! lol. When we pulled up the first thing I said was “You could have told me I’d need a bag!” lol. I did find some very big shells (hermit crab?) which I managed to stuff (litteraly) into the pockets of my leather jacket and down the front. When I got home I found out one of them still had it’s occupant. Oh gross. So now I have to figure out what to do with a dead crab thats still inside the shell without breaking the shell. I can’t believe I have a big crab in my pocket! My DH was quite amused I must say! I will post a photo of the shells soon. Preferably minus crab.

OPPS! He did it again….

Yes he did! Can you believe that another recycling truck (not the same one but from the same company) crashed on the very same road as it did last time? Almost unbelievable! There was a car behind that trailer too and people working on that house. I didn’t see the crash this time but I commented on how fast the truck was going just seconds before I heard the huge bang. I grabbed my camera and ran straight out. (Last time I called 111 first…) There was someone on the back of the truck this time too. The poor guy who jumps off and grabs the bins was thrown from the trailer and suffered a head injury. He was walking around afterwards  holding his head and ended up jumping in the car that was only just missed to go to the hospital. I havn’t heard how he is but the road has huge gouges in it and this time a lot of official people turned up to survey the scene. There was nothing wrong with the road before the crash…this is a classic case of someone going to fast. Thankfully I didn’t cost any one their life (or house or car!)

Well, back to reality now. I’ve cooked 2 batches of choc chip coookies and made a weetbix slice while waiting for my photos to load so this post has taken me about an hour to write! lol. Time to cook tea:)

If there’s one thing I like as much as all things nest related it’s shells. What’s not to like about a basket full of shells? Especially ones collected from the beach with your kids.