These Cabbage trees are common all over NZ although they seem to enjoy the realitvely warm climate of this area. The above photo shows the crazy looking flower it’s sprouts at this time of year and the photo below shows the orignal it was cropped from.

Kereru (NZ Woodpigeons) love the cabbage tree’s fruit. I found this on this blog on the internet which has some lovely photos of a Kereru having a great feed!


How pretty can a patch of swampy water be? I love the lillies at my local pond and will be going back every few days to try and catch them at different times of day and in different light.

The mallard ducks who usually inhabit the pond have all but left, I guess it must be hard to swim in all of that foliage!

Yesterday while walking back to the school to pick my kids up I stopped and took photo’s of these beautiful Tui’s. They are quite big birds and make a lot of noise chasing each other about and flirting madly! There’s so many Tui’s around at the moment and I am very pleased to have gotten some photos.  There’s no way to get a better vantage point for these photo’s as the tree is so tall but I guess the height and the relative saftey it offers is a big part of why there are so many Tui’s! It is certainly not the only Kowhai tree around in full flower right now. I’d never noticed how many Kowhai there actually are in Greerton until this Spring, Greerton is much better known for it’s Cherry trees. There’s an annual cherry blossom festival complete with the Miss Cherry Blossom Beauty Pagent and a Spring themed photo competition. Of course I entered! I am not sure how I placed but I will post a copy of my entry when I do:)

Under the canopy of Pink. Nobody knows how to decorate like Mother Nature!

Those of you who have visited my blog before will know that I am very happy with this shot! It is super cropped from a big/high resolution photo but I am still happy!

I took this at Yatton park, home of the many Autumn trees I posted in Autumn (who would have guessed! lol.) It is equally wonderful in spring. Rhodohendren’s and Magnolia’s are in full bloom and the birds are out of their winter hideaways. I had a fantastic time walking around under huge trees and soaking up the sounds of bird song and bird activity. Tui’s are plentiful now, a pair of them flirted with each other so close to me that I heard their wings flutter and I felt privleged to be able to witness there activity.  Fantail’s which are known for their friendly nature ‘chip-chiped’ from trees seemingly oblivious to me. If I was quiet enough I could even hear the blackbirds scratch about in the leaf litter. Time ran out on me and I was more than eluctant to return to my car. I didn’t get a good photo of the Tui’s (too fast for this shutterbug!) but with patience I am sure I would have gotten the photo I wanted. I will return!! The experience of being out in that environement has both calmed and charmed me! The other reason for my blissful state of mind is that I FINALLY have my new camera! Wahhhhoooo! No more spots for me! I am still getting used to it but I am a quick learner so watch this space!!


Greerton in Spring

Greerton in Spring

Oh, yay! The cherry blossom trees are ….blossoming! I love Greerton at this time of year. Check out this small seating area in Greerton, opposite the kids school and a stones throw from the city centre.

It’s not hard to imagine the peacefulness of sitting under this dreamy pink canopy on a stunning spring day. Imagine taking your lunch break here or walking through barefoot, camera in hand as I did.

Spring in Greerton

Spring in Greerton

I applaude the councils efforts to keep the area clean, although I have to wonder how many rubbish bins a small are such as this actually needs? There are atleast 3 others not shown here and there are also the bins that are on the actual street. With a little photo-shopping the bins, parking sign, and the spot would be gone in an instant and this would make a great area to get married in. So pretty and princess like!

Low res again, sorry! I don’t want to spoil my chances of selling these ones on NZ Photo Sales!

I love Kowhai flowers. Kohwai means yellow in Maori although Kowhai flower sounds a lot better than Yellow flower! Kowhai’s are native to NZ which in my mind makes them instantly loveable, double that with the fact that they are the favorite of a native NZ bird, the Tui, and triple it with the fact that I have a daughter named Tui and well… get the idea. I love Kowhai flowers and Kowhai trees. This is the time of year (Spring here atlast!!) when I get to indulge in a big way. Just check out this branch (Below) that is so blessed with flowers itm looks as though it could snap at any moment….

These trees are even at my beloved pond! How spoilt can a girl get?

Speaking of the pond. DH was there the other day with Master 8 and he came back and told me to grab my camera and head down. He said there were DUCKLINGS!!!!! at the pond and they were STUCK in the storm water drain:(  I had just been there the day before looking for sign of any ducklings but there weren’t any. So…anyway I grabbed my camera and some bread and raced down. I couldn’t take a half way decent pic though:( down a drain and all! Long and cold story cut short I ended up calling the council and asking them to rescue them. I put on my gumboots and waded in a little so I could feed the ducklings (there were 7) and I waited for the rescue team to arrive. Unfortunately I missed the actual rescue as the contractors didn’t come till after dark and I had to go home but the council assures me that the men tied a gumboot to a broom handle and scooped the poor babies out! lol. What a photo that would have been!!

 I bet mother duck was pleased to get her babies back safely  (and I mean the real mother duck!) I already gave my family a giggle when I referred to them as “my” ducklings!