School’s out for the summer holidays!

 Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

As you can see, some kids didn’t need to be told twice!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

My eldest says Farewell and Merry Christmas to her teacher on her final day of primary school.

Final day!! Where has time gone….?




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My 2 youngest wait for the parade to start. Rumour has it Santa’s on his way!

 Cute Kids Bag pipes and the Scottish Marching Band

I love the excitement of the bag pipes. They are traditional at our parades and signal the start of something good!

Belly Dancers!

Pacific Island Cultural Group

Horses and Gypsy Carriage

Look at those blus skies! Lucky weren’t we? My eldest was very pleased to see the horses.

Maori Cultural Group. Te Rereatukahia Marae.

Alvin and the Chipmunks  

Santa has a wind-up mini! It's true!

The chipmunks had a sign saying “Please don’t cut down our home!” I guess they are pro-synthetic trees!

Mrs Claus and Santa

Mrs Claus drives a tractor over these ways! The elves socks are very cool. I’d wear them! lol

Angels and Polar BearsSnoopy's Christmas 

The classic flyers museum put in a float too and played Snoopy’s Christmas. Very apt!

Santa and the Reindeer

The jolly fat man himself! There were so many people wearing Santa hats on the floats I almost missed the “real” Santa. 

Kati Kati is about 25 minutes from Tauranga when the traffic is good.  Tauranga (would you believe) isn’t having a parade. The KK parade was also under threat and an article was put in the paper saying that if it wasn’t supported then this would be the last one. Thankfully it was well supported! In these credit crunching times it was a really nice experience to see the community groups pull together the business’s to put on a parade and it was equally lovely to see so many excited kids out enjoying it! Sure makes ya feel all festive dosn’t it?

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This fountain is hard to miss and a magnet for kids who prefer fresh water to salt! It was the Pohutakawa flowers that drew me there today though, not the fountain! I took 103 photos today so as soon as I have sorted through them  I’ll be posting a selection here. They’re a truly spectacular tree and flower, native to NZ and it’s a great thrill to see them at this time of year bursting with life and summery-ness!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2008

Right now it’s hard to believe that in summer this pond will dry up around the edges leaving stranded lilies and cracked mud behind. It’s quite serene there for now and so close to home that we have the luxury of being able to go there when ever we like. No parking issues, no fuel bills…no stress!

This dragonfly was hard to capture. My camera wanted to focus on the grasses and it was almost like it couldn’t work out what it was I was trying to get in focus. I was really pleased to come home and see how well this had come out. It’s motivation to keep trying anyway!