What can you do to help fight poverty? The answer is simple.

Acknowlege it and then take Action.

There’s no shame in feeling the effects of poverty but there is shame seeing it and doing nothing about it.

This years INTERNATIONAL BLOG ACTION DAY has put the international spotlight on POVERTY. As of 8.35pm on the eve of this years blog action day there was an impressive  8,559 blogs registered to participate. Imagine that! 8,559 bloggers who care enough about helping bring poverty out of the shadows and into the public eye.

Wikipedia defines poverty as ‘deprivation of common necessities that determine the quality of life, including food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water, and may also include the deprivation of opportunities to learn, to obtain better employment to escape poverty, and/or to enjoy the respect of fellow citizens… read the rest of this definition on the wikipedia website.

Mother Teresa said “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

Hopefully the share number of bloggers who participate in International Blog Action day and the anticipated  9,164,283 readers  at least goes some way towards helping build stronger communities and making things at least a little bit better.  Acknowledging poverty won’t make it go away but little by little we can make a difference…James Allen said  “As in the rankest soil the most beautiful flowers are grown, so in the dark soil of poverty the choicest flowers of humanity have developed and bloomed.”

Fortunately, some of the best things in life are free. You’ve probably heard it before, spending time with our families is free and living and laughing together is free. It may sound a little cliche but that doesn’t make it any less true. 

“Many good things have been lost to poverty, but it takes no money at all to step outside and appreciate our natural heritage. Poverty can’t steal from you somrthing that  is already free.”

The top 3 photos were all taken at this walking track, less than 6km from Tauranga’s city centre. It’s there for anyone to enjoy- rich or poor!

It doesn’t have to cost money to create memories  and preserving our heritage doesn’t need to cost money.Treasure what you have, do what you can to make the world a nicer place and remember that poverty, no matter how severe can’t steal from you that which is already free.


About half way around “the mount” we decided to stop for a drink and snack. I was focused on taking photos of the beautiful seascape in front of me when I noticed a deep throaty call coming from the trees behind me. I looked up and to my total delight this is what I saw…

Lunch was quickly forgotten! I would have been thrilled with just seeing the birds, but birds in nests?? OMG!! Christmas came early!

These were taken on full zoom so no chance of getting any shots more detailed until I get my new camera . The birds also had the advantage here as I was trying to photograph up into the light, none the  less I was a very happy bird fan just been able to SEE them. Photographs are a bonus! Here’s a shot of some of the shags that I saw drying off on the rocks…

I can’t wait to go back again and get more photos!

Another piece of news that I am very pleased to be able to share is that I now have photos for sale on NZ Photo Sales, a photo stock library based in NZ.

I am going to upgrade to “Gold Status” which will give me my own address and remove the ads, but here’s the set up I have the moment…http://www.photosales.co.nz/view_photog.php?photogid=675

You will no doubt recognise a few of them! I am waiting for my broadband connection to be set up (Tuesday??) so that I can upload more more photos to the site (it’s taken me about 8 hours to get the 12 I have there uploaded!.) Please let me know what you think!