The light was just starting to fade when I was at ‘my’ pond taking photos while the kids rode their bikes and admired the ducks and ducklings with me. The wild daisies are so lush and beautiful this time of year.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield

I wasn’t very pleased to notice the fly that snuck into my photo once I got home! Che sera sera as my Dad would say!

Weed or not the fennel is beautiful as this time of year. The opened flower heads are white, not an offwhite or a grey- white but a lovely clean white. The imature flower head is soft dusky pinks and they have that country cottage sort of appeal to them. I wasn’t joking when I said on my last DP post that I took about 20 of photos of the fennel! You can see  dusky pinks here  here and here a big bold white flower here. They arn’t low res like they are here:) Although you can click on any of these pics to enlarge them.