I took this the other day and have just uploaded it from my camera…so this is a very kast minute post for this theme! You can check out the other entries for “New Life” on the Moody Monday Website. These buds are from an Oak tree anticipating the start of Spring.

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

Without trying to make excuses…I have many! Sick kids, school holidays and an unexpected house guest for the last week…it’s been so hard to find my way back to blogesphere. 5 minutes to do a post,  no worries, 10 minutes to race around the globe and post a quick “Great! Nice Pic!” comment..I could do that too, BUT time to sit and enjoy, post a comment or compliment and really visit not fly by…that’s been the hard bit. So…today I hope will  be the day when I can do all of the above! If you don’t see my name pop up please remember that I am there in thought! I hope to make the most of this week photographing magnolias (like the ones below) and winter goodies, my daughter is due for major surgery on the 21st and I’ll do my dissapearing act again then no doubt!

Copyright Lisa Sarsfield 2009

These little furry, almond shaped flower buds will soon be wonderful Magnolia flowers. I was excited to see so many promised flowers on these young trees! I’m  not sure how long it takes for the cycle to go from bud to flower but I will be watching:)

We’ve had rain, rain and more rain. Flash floods, mini tournadoes and slips.

Strangely enough it’s not been cold, just bleak and not nice to be outside in. We’ve actually been lucky in Tauranaga, there have been a few fatalities in other parts of the country and many houses lost. It’s been a hard winter for many and topped with petrol and food costs being at an all time high it would seem that this winter has been the hardest in a long time.  Ski fields have even been closed due to too much snow!

You may remember the flooding photos I showed a few months back of our yard, since then a retaining wall has been added and better drainage laid so this flooding I show here is not as bad as what it would have been pre-improvements. We got a new garden too and there’s a rock there begging to have a mosaic added to it. Honestly, it has the perfect face and it’s pointing in the right direction. Roll on summer!